MA 06 – Motion Design Diamond Awards

For this assignment we were set to create an animated title sequence for the Diamond Awards, an annual award show where Noroff students are honored with category nominations and prizes. The categories that was going to be presented were: Graphic Design Film Production 3D Design & Animation 3D Games 2D Film Sound & Music Production Technical Design DAK 2D/3D Digital Marketing Frontend Development VFX – Visual Effexts I chose to create the title sequence as an image sequence, where each category were presented with an image that illustrated the category. I added a short introduction and finished it off with an animation of the Diamond Awards logo.
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MA 04 – Design History Website

For this assignment we were set to create a Graphic Design history website where we were to present the following styles/periods: Pop Art International Typographic Style Psychedelic Movement Graffiti & Street Art New Wave/ Punk The website had to include an interactive timeline or list, and it had to adapt to all screen types, and the different periods had to be easy to recognize. In addition to information about each period, we also had to include information about 2-3 well known designers from each period, and parallel information about social events of the chosen time. Here is the link to the website
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MA 05 – Photoshoot Awareness Campaign

For this assignment we were to create a campaign poster for the organization A21, an organization that is working to end slavery. The concept I have developed is a poster where the photo is the main thing, a photo that expresses a lot of emotions and gives a nice connection to being trapped and having your freedom taken away. The image tells a story, and I have added few other details, as I want the photo to be in focus. With this poster I want to awoke peopleĀ“s emotions, by using an average looking Norwegian woman as my model, makes it easier for people to relate to her. Placing her behind a fence to convey the fact that she has been robbed of her freedom. The look in the models eyes really says a lot. The poster size is A2.
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